Pets November 10, 2022

3 Ways to Soothe Your Pet During Storms

When preparing to batten down the hatches during a storm, don’t forget to pay attention to your furry family members. Loud, unpredictable noises and an uptick of electrical currents in the air can make your pet seriously scared when the weather goes wild. Here are three ways to soothe your dog or cat during an electrical storm.

Create a comfortable space. Many animals like small, tight spaces when the weather becomes unpredictable. (Some even jump in the bathtub or hide in a shower!) Find a cozy spot for your pet (preferably in the same room you are in) and bring in their favorite blanket, bed or toy.

Turn on calming music. Animals have long been known to react to soothing music the same way people do. Play some classical tunes or lullabies to help put pets at ease.

Distract them. Just like people, animals can be distracted in the face of fear. Play their favorite game or pull out a special occasion treat. Eventually, they may associate storms with treats and toys, instead of static electricity and thunder.